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Eumelia is accepted as an ECOCLUB member

It is our honor and privilege to announce that Eumelia has been accepted as an Ecoclub member, one of only 21 ecolodge hotels in the world.

"ECOCLUB.com - International Ecotourism Club is a mutual aid network for an Ecological & Socially Just Tourism. We started out in 1999 and today have Members worldwide. Harnessing the peaceful power of appropriate forms tourism at the grassroots level, we look forward to a gradual & voluntary passage, to a free, stateless & classless world, a world without borders, divisions, violence or oppression, serving the well-being and respecting the rights of all people and other life forms. Examples and good practices of this alternative, better & happier world already exist, so we cooperatively try to support, promote and propagate them. On a day to day basis, we support ecotourism practitioners, academics and students, offering specialist resources. We operate an alternative, free Ecotourism Rating System and support community projects in the global south. We are based in Athens, Greece and hosted on a wind-powered server. The word and mark ECOCLUB® is a registered trademark of ECOCLUB S.A."

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