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Support Eumelia's Eco-Pond Crowdfunding Campaign

We are really excited to present Eumelia’s next big step, a project for which we need you by our side.

We are planning to create an ecological pond at Eumelia

Or natural lake will be named Five Elements, because using pioneering technology and with great love for nature we are going to introduce water, the element of life, to the landscape of Laconia, in order to restore the balance of the region’s ecosystem.

Due to climate change, during the prolonged summer months, Evrotas River dries up. The ecological pond Five Elements will become a safe natural refuge for small animals and birds and a fire protection zone for the whole area, when it’s most needed. You can read more about the benefits that derive from the creation of natural lakes here: http://bit.ly/17gFLPO

This is a long term investment with absolutely sustainable results because despite its original cost, in approximately two years time when the ecosystem is fully developed, minimum human intervention is required for its preservation. Nature takes over with its powers to expand its beauty.

Eumelia’s vision will come true only if each and every one of you participate in this great change. We started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the Five Elements ecopond and we are absolutely grateful for each donation. Depending on the amount you offer you will receive amazing organic perks as gifts from Eumelia: organic soap, extra virgin olive oil, limited edition rose wine from Laconia and many more. You can find out more about it here: igg.me/at/fiveelementspond

Please share Eumelia’s vision for progress in Greece with your families and friends. Post about it on facebook, tweet it, spread the word. In fact love it, just like we do!

In the next 53 days, a vision can become reality. Great change needs great people. You.

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