Self Esteem & Body Workshop with Lucy Hamel, 15 -19 September 2012

Join us at Eumelia to experience the VALUE of our EARTH and the VALUE of YOU.

Mornings of Yoga, Walks in Nature, Planting a Tree, Stomping Grapes, Discussions and Games, Rebirth-Breathwork under the Stars.

Self Esteem & Body... led by Lucy Hamel* 

Among the nature of Eumelia we will allow the judgments and opinions to melt away...allow the true beauty, uniqueness and power of you to be accepted, respected and admired. Through group discussions and games, yoga and balance and our magical breath we will spend four days and nights celebrating the value of our life.

*Lucy Hamel is a personal trainer, breathworker/rebirther, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. Over time she has collected her experiences and knowledge to integrate movement, diet, breathwork, reiki, imagery, energy work and game play into her seminars and teachings.

The workshop will include: 

  • Self Esteem & Body Workshop
  • Four or five nights stay at Eumelia
  • Organic meals
  • Tour of Eumelia
  • Swimming and picnic by the sea side
  • Pressing organic grapes and making wine
  • Planting fruit trees

Cost of Workshop:

4 people sharing a house, 50 euro per person (housing and 3 meals per day) X 4 nights = 200 euro + Seminar fee 200 euro = 400 euro Total each person

Or if you wish to arrive the night before the seminar begins on the 14th so you can be rested

4 people sharing a house, 50 euro per person (housing and 3 meals per day) X 5 nights = 250 euro + Seminar fee 200 euro = 450 euro Total each person

Contact information:

For participation & information on Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse please contact us at, & +306959004747 or +302130369814

For information please contact Lucy Hammel & +306945050832

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