Eumelia is a donor to The Intelligent Optimist Holiday Auction

Make a bid for a better world at The Intelligent Optimist Holiday Auction, November 2 through 18!

Eumelia donates to The Intelligent Optimist Holiday Auction, we hope with our offer we help spread the message of optimism.

Established in 2004, The Intelligent Optimist (formerly Ode magazine) was designed to build on that moment by presenting the leading thinkers of our day and the ideas with the best chance of delivering us to a world of greater peace, economic stability, spiritual depth, individual health and collective creativity, a world that more closely resembles our vision for it.

By participating in the auction, you demonstrate, with the power of your dollars, that the holidays don’t need to be a stronghold of commercialism. You also show your support for The Intelligent Optimist--which funds events, courses and award-winning publications in support of a new world fashioned from possibility--and you help close the gap between our membership revenue and our operating expenses.

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