Eumelia on the Canadian TV5 ecotourism show Partir Autrement en Famille

The French Canadian TV5 sustainable tourism show Partir Autrement en Famille visited Eumelia and filmed for a week our organic farm and activities as well as the Laconia region.

During their stay they experienced a plethora of ecotourism and agrotourism activities and tasted local cuisine. The family of actress Guylaine Tremblay spent a week at Eumelia and experience life in our organic farm & guesthouse as well as a variety of agrotourim & ecotourim activities in our farm and the Laconia region.

The family version "Partir Autrement en Famille" of the very successful production of Ocean Television for Canadian television channel TV5 Partir Autrement filmed an hour long episode at Eumelia. The new seaon airs on TV5 on January 7th 2014 . Stay tuned for the episode on Eumelia and the Laconia Region!

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