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A Healing Touch and Sound in Eumelia's Secret Space, 5 - 7 October 2012

Kristina, a Belgian born Sound & Energy healer visited Eumelia twice over the last two months and was mesmerized by its beauty, energy and serenity. The idea of organizing a workshop started growing and she is inviting us over the weekend of the 5th, 6th & 7th of October to an inner journey and awakening through sound in Eumelia’s sacred space.

Like Mother Earth, we all have a fundamental sound frequency. By getting in touch with our own personal frequency, we get more in touch with ourselves.

Chanting and mudras, energy healing and bodywork, meditation and relaxation, will all help us to open up our hearts, quiet the mind, awaken our body and engage the spirit. Only then healing on all levels can take place.

On this journey nature sounds and natural instruments will be used, such as crystal bowls, tuning forks, monochord and the most precious instrument of all…our voice.

Kristina’s journey into the healing world started 15 years ago. Through a series of sparkling encounters and synchro-destiny she came to realize the importance of listening and honouring what she calls now “The Song of our Soul”. Years of travelling and training around Europe and Asia made of her a Master in different healing techniques.

If you want to join us on this inner journey and awakening or if you would like to have more information you can contact her on: krisalian2000@gmail.com & +306947025458

Cost of Workshop:

4 people sharing a house, 50 euro per person (housing and 3 meals per day) X 2 nights = 100 euro + Seminar fee 175 euro = 275 Euro Total each person

Contact information:

For participation & information on Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse please contact us at info@eumelia.com, www.eumelia.com & +306959004747 or +302130369814

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