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During your stay at our eco hotel or your daily visit to our organic farm you can participate in many of the agricultural activities taking place throughout the day.

Feeding the animals in the farm, planting our organic vegetable and herb gardens, pruning our olive and almond trees or taking care of our grape vines. You can be part of our effort to create a sustainable organic farm and join us in bringing the vibrant agriculural land of Laconia closer to your heart.

In September you can be part of the amazing experience of picking and pressing our organic grapes and seeing our effort to create our organic wine made from four Greek grape varieties, Agiorgitiko, Augoustiati, Athiri and Kidonitsa.

In November we pick our organic Kalamata olives and cure them and in the middle of the month we begin to pick our olives which we press and create our golden organic olive oil.

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