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Heading into the 21st century we have the opportunity to reposition ourselves as individuals towards all of our human daily interactions, how we relate to nature, our relationships with other human beings, how we approach our business direction and decisions and how we view the world around us. We are in this fortunate position in human history in part to the incredible experience humanity has amassed in the past as well as our ability to develop technology that can resolve the majority of our problems.

Our intent is to access the maturity and ingenuity that exists and create projects that respect nature and our relationship with other human beings. Projects that can provide continuing sustainable development while at the same time creating alternative examples for many of the dead ends that we are faced today as humanity.

We approach our relationship with nature with respect looking at problems from a holistic point of view, keeping in mind that nature is not a single tree but a complex organism.

Homeodynamic agriculture gives us the opportunity to assist nature to heal it self and access forces locked within nature which can improve vitality and quality. We have a responsibility towards nature and our wish is to give back to her as much as it is possible.

Our relationship with the visitors and the public that purchases our products is built on respect, aiming to create products and services that are of the highest quality. We wish to provide an educational aspect to our products bringing our projects and the people that come into contact with them closer.

In our projects we choose to integrate technology and techniques that respect our limited resources.

  • Buildings structures use environmentally friendly material and have been designed to incorporate nature’s force such as the entry of the life force from the south
  • The building are heated and cooled through the use of geothermal power with the use of heat pumps minimizing the use of petroleum or electricity for those needs
  • Natural waste management root system that recycles the water and creates compost
  • We recycle the water from our building structures and then use it for farming purposes
  • In agriculture we create compost from all the organic material from the farm as well as from the hotel facilities
  • In the future with the use of solar and wind power we hope to reach one hundred percent self sufficiency
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