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Sustainability Policy

Green Sustainability Policy & Practices

We use organic farming practices

We recycle our grey and black water and use it to water gardens & trees as well as manure for trees.

We compost weeds, dry plants, pruning’s, leafs and vegetable leftovers from the kitchen in order to create new earth for our vegetable gardens.

We use geothermal heat pump thus minimizing energy consumption for heating and cooling

The paint used inside the buildings is made from natural material and essential oils.

The color plaster used inside and outside our buildings is made from natural minerals thus providing healthy living areas.

We use LED lights and low consumption light bulbs in order to minimize energy consumption and electronic waste.

We encourage our guests to participate in our environmental initiative by voluntarily choosing to have their towels and bed sheets changed less often. Our bed linen & towel policy is to change them every 3 days unless requested otherwise in order to minimize water use, energy consumption, wear on machine washers.

We line dry linen & towels in order to save energy

We do not use plastic cups, plastic plates or plastic eating utensils

We recycle at the source, guests, separate organic material, recycling material and other waste in their rooms

We feed leftover cooked food to our dogs and cats in order not to waste food and at the same time share food with our four legged friends

We feed leftover uncooked vegetables to our chickens minimizing waste

We avoid buying plastic products for our farm, we reuse, upcycle and buy material and products from sustainable sources

We buy local food and products in order to support sustainability and local farmers

We support local businesses in order to help improve their sustainability and income stabilization

We work with local farmers, handcrafters & artisans as well as workshop and seminar instructors in order to involve the local community and introduce them to our guests

We involve local youth & volunteers in our projects in order to encourage them to participate in our sustainability efforts and encourage the spirit of  volunteering

We minimize outside recourses and costs in order to be self sufficient