The idea of the ecological pond "Five Elements" is fully consistent with the philosophy of Eumelia, which was made with great love both for nature and humans. In fact, Eumelia’s vision is to restore the relationship between them, through relaxation and new experiences in the natural environment.

A natural pond offers anyway a lot of benefits in the area in which it is introduced. In the case of the eco-pond "Five Elements" it will be the only water recourse in the continental landscape of Laconia during the summer months. In summer, the River Eurotas dries, making the survival of birds and small animals that depend on its waters difficult enough. Ecological ponds are a safe refuge for these animals.

Due to climate change, summer is now significantly more dry and prolonged. It has been proven that natural ponds help reduce temperature, thus restoring balance to the ecosystem in which they are introduced. Of course, it is very important for Eumelia and the whole region that the ecological natural pond “Five Elements” will be a natural fire safety zone and also an important resource of water in the unpleasant case of fire.

However, the ecological pond "Five Elements" does not only present benefits for nature but also for the local community. It can be a meeting point and a benchmark for the region through seminars and cooking classes, meditation and yoga that will be organized throughout the year. The pond, just like Eumelia, will always be open to local organizations and those who wish to visit and to organize or participate in workshops and activities. The goal of Eumelia’s people is to create a welcoming home for culture and entertainment.

Thanks to the lake, the region can gain another destination for day trips, therefore increasing its touristic capital. This is also why Eumelia plans to create a safe playground nearby the lake, so even younger visitors will be amused.

Of course, Eumelia will benefit from the creation of the eco-pond "Five Elements" significantly improving business prospects. But as seen from the above mentioned facts, this is only a small part of the benefits that will result from the creation of the lake. In fact, in order to make the pond a meeting point for the local society, Eumelia commits itself that any form of ticket to visit the lake will never be imposed and that Eumelia will always be open for cooperation with any local organization.

Finally, it is understood that an ecological pond, just like any natural water element offers to visitors an invaluable sense of relaxation and regeneration, a unique experience, like all experiences offered by Eumelia.

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