Join us!

In order to for the ecological pond “Five Elements” to become reality, the only pond in the wider area and the unique element of water during the summer months when the Evrotas River dries up, we need your contribution!

Eumelia receives no funding from any governmental or state organizations, it is not included in any financial or investment package that overloads Greek/ European taxpayers and the only way to proceed in this important improvement for the entire region is the actual support of those who believe in our vision. 

The crowd funding of the "Five Elements" eco-pond is Eumelia’s only choice, since its people wish not only to convince about the project’s necessity and importance but also to include the community in the projects making.

Eumelia is absolutely committed that every summer a camp for children will be organized on the premises, which will also host children from the Diaspora and that no ticket in any form will ever be required in order to visit the lake. 

Corporate social responsibility is not just a title for the people of Eumelia, an empty phrase often heard. Eumelia respects the local community in which it is developed and our commitments will apply in full.

You can use Paypal to make a contribution to our project. We will be grateful for any amount of support,

Eumelia intends to publish full financial progress of the project for the sake of transparency, apparently with absolute respect for the sensitive personal data of those who participate.

However, we do not need your contribution only to finance the project but also to promote it globally. Share it with your friends, write about it on social media, tell us what you think on our Facebook page. We hope by this time next year to have a cup coffee with you on the lakeshore. On the house.


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