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Five Elements Pond

In Eumelia we want to build an ecological pond. Ecological ponds are created thanks to human intervention but in such a manner that fully respects the environment and even helps develop a new ecosystem around them. After their creation, they are maintained without the use of chemicals, with minimal human intervention and in fact after a year or two when their ecosystem has matured enough they require minimum support.

In Eumelia’s ecological pond, which we plan to call "Five Elements", there will be aquatic plants and possibly fish and it will serve as a shelter for birds of the area.

Around the lake "Five Elements" a multi-use space will be created that includes lounge area with hammocks for relaxation, snack bar with organic products from local producers, space for yoga and a specially designed area for larger events, such as weddings. Some of the space next to the lake will serve as a place for natural cooking and drying herbs! That is, cooking with the heat of the sun and natural- organic techniques. This area, like all Eumelia facilities, will be open for seminars. Every local organization wishing to host activities in Eumelia is always welcome and the “Five Elements” pond will multiply our possibilities.

Finally, next to the lake a house hosting volunteers will be built. The house, like all Eumelia facilities, will be exclusively made of ecological and recyclable materials, with a green roof, with no need for electricity supply from external sources. At the house, volunteers from Greece and abroad who are interested to participate in Eumelia’s environmental activities will be hosted, apparently without charge.

There are many reasons that led us to the decision of creating an ecological pond. The ecological pond "Five Elements" is the next step for Eumelia, the continuation of the vision of its people for a harmonious integration of human in a natural environment.

Benefits from the eco-pond "Five Elements" arise for the ecosystem in which it will be introduced but also the local community and of course the visitors. Read why the idea of the eco-pond "Five Elements" is extremely important here and see how it will come true here.


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