The plans for the ecological pond "Five Elements" began early in 2012. The vision for a quality environment has been a firm target for Eumelia’s people all along and the introduction of the water element with all the benefits that it provided has been a secret dream for a quite some time.

The first architectural and environmental studies began during the spring of 2013 and they are expected to be completed sometime around September. The “Five Elements” eco-pond project is undertaken by a group of people that specializes in creating natural lakes, with high quality standards and absolute respect of the natural environment.

The construction of the lake is estimated to last about six months. A large team of people with long experience in building such projects will be working on it. Eumelia’s aspiration is that the “Five Elements” eco-pond will be fully functional during the summer of 2014. The maturity of the lake’s ecosystem is a natural process that takes about one to two years to complete. In order to make reality the ecological pond "Five Elements", see how you can contribute and help improve the quality of the environment in the region here .


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