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What to do

Take a walk around our organic farm and pick fruits directly from our fruit trees, hop on a mountain bike and visit the surrounding hills and farms, work with us and pick olives, almonds, grapes and herbs. Relax and lets us take care of your culinary needs with fresh vegetables from our organic garden. Read your book or paint the amazing Laconic Mountains, Parnonas and Taygetos.

If you wish to participate in any of the following activities or seminars as an individual or as a group please contact us. The seminars and activities are active all year around upon request.

Yoga, deep breathing, meditation & intuitive games

Workshops among the trees to remember what nature gave you. You will play with the concept that every minute of the day your body and breath are reacting to everything you are thinking and feeling. What techniques are available to help you rejoice in those healthy feelings and thoughts and keep them alive? How can your breath and body clear the thoughts and feelings and impressions that are not healthy or useful to you?

Photography Workouts

In cooperation with photography instructors we organize photography workouts for our guests upon request. A photo workout is an intensive outdoor photography workshop, with emphasis on improving your photography skills in practice.

Mountain Biking

There are mountain bikes available at the farm that you can use to visit the nearby areas.

Sea Kayak

Sea kayaking adventures in Laconia, explore cliffs, beaches and caves with a professional and accredited guide.

Horseback riding

If you enjoy horseback riding we can arrange for you to tour the farm and the surrounding areas with expert teachers by your side.

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