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Corporate Retreats

Looking for a place to express your new ideas, work with your team to deepen your understanding and commitment to your goals. Work together closely under the special atmosphere of Eumelia and your new tools will help you travel along the path of new horizons and closer human connections.

Eumelia is the perfect place to host your corporate think tank or business council as we as a great location full of activities to help enhance your team work and to iron out new ideas that you wish to implement in your business. There is a long list of activities that you and your group can experience during your stay that will help increase your understanding of nature, organic farming as well as expand your horizon about sustainability.

Conference room facilities

Our seminar room facilities are located in the main building at the center of the farm. Great care has been made to create an enjoyable and comfortable environment to host seminars and small art exhibitions. The seminar room is equipped with a microphone and speaker system as well as a computer presentation system with a wide screen.

If you wish to use our facilities to host an event or seminar please contact us at: info@eumelia.com

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