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Groups & Events

Environmental & Sustainability Training

Join us at Eumelia as a group or a small team and experience our sustainable farm, learn and come to contact with nature.  Our aim and wish is to establish a sustainable example of an ecotourism / agrotourism / education / culture space that receives, entertains and educates visitors as well as the local population on issues such as environment, environmental technology, organic farming methods, alternative health, sustainability, self-sustainability and progressive educational tools.

Hiking & Walking Tours

Walk around Mount Parnonas and learn the plethora of wild herbs, smell and feel the Greek spring that will forever keep you company in your heart. Hike up the majestic Mount Taygetos and view the Laconic region from the eye of an eagle. We can organize for your group a walk and a picnic at the delta of the Evrotas River a Natura protected area and a sanctuary of wild life.

Olive Oil Tasting

It is referred to as liquid gold; the Laconic extra virgin olive oil with its amazing characteristics that are derived from the symphony of interchanging nature can be tasted and explored at our olive oil tasting seminars. Your group can experience within our organic farm, the process of picking olives, learning how olive oil is created, tasting different olive oils from the region as well learning why the Laconic olive oil is so special and sought after from around the world.

Wine Tasting

Pick organic grapes with us and learn how to make organic wine; press them traditionally under the sounds of music while an amazing grilled feast is prepared for you. Join us and learn about our special Greek varieties that are used to create our organic wine as well as taste other unique wines from the region.

Cooking courses

Walk around our organic farm and pick fresh eatable greens, cut fresh organic vegetables from our gardens and them create your meals during our cooking seminars under the supervision and expertise of local chefs. Put together the gastronic puzzle of the region, boil, bake and create special dishes from the symphony of local products.

Corporate Meetings, Retreats & Team Building

Looking for a place to express your new ideas, work with your team to deepen your understanding and commitment to your goals. Work together closely under the special atmosphere of Eumelia and your new tools will help you travel along the path of new horizons and closer human connections.

Organic & Eco Weddings

An organic farm with aesthetics and a night atmosphere that stays deep in your heart. A place where you can manifest your dream of your special occasion under the clear sky and the serenity of the Laconic landscape.

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