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Organic Products

Feeling the need to approach our relationship with nature with respect and a new ethos, not simply wanting to receive from her but to provide an atmosphere where we give back or at least create the ground where nature can replenish and heal herself, we began to create our organic farm.

We proceeded with this in mind during the design period, we wanted to create a dialogue between the plants themselves as well as the humans working there and visiting. Our wish was to cultivate our farm and create products in a way that it was both beneficial to our human needs as well as the needs of the soil and the plants.

Having knowledge of the medical approach of homeopathy, I felt it was necessary to create a farm that was a complex organism just as the human body is and to view the needs of the farm from a holistic point of view. We planted almond trees along with olives trees in order to create a communication that was beneficial to both of them, and we strengthened this dialogue by introducing pine and cypress trees as well as grape vines.

Each type brings a positive element that alleviates the stress on a monoculture by introducing organisms beneficial to each other as well as minimizing the risk on a single type from an attack. The herb fields where also designed in a similar way by including plant walls with mixed herbs that brought positive forces as well as introduced the necessary pluralism.

In order to support our plants and trees we use homeopathic products created for the use in homeodynamic agriculture a method based on the principals of biodynamic agriculture.

To purchase our organic products in the United States of America please visit our online store www.eumeliashop.com

To purchase our organic products in Europe and the rest of the world please send us an email at info@eumelia.com

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