eumelia food culture blog, a request of our guests realized

eumelia food culture blog

at eumelia we love food, planting it, taking care of it, harvesting it and transforming it into delicious organic farm to table meals. But most of all, we love sharing our passion for food, local recipes and cooking tips. As well as the work we do in the farm preparing our organic ingredients, the wine and drinks we enjoy and the inspiration that we get from travelers visiting our farm. So we created eumelia food culture blog.

if you are a foodie with an appreciation for zero km organic gastronomy, keep coming back for more! Find here the tweaked recipes that we prepare for our guests, amazing breakfast ideas, innocent (and not so innocent) sweets and the natural wines of Greece that touch our hearts. Discover our playground, Laconia, through our pallets and explore the local culinary map. Hop along in our daily farming life and meet eumelia’s global community and our “modern farmily”.