eumelia on the GREECE IS 2018-2019 Health Issue

eumelia is featured in the 2018-2019 Health Issue of Greece Is Magazine. The article dives into the world of Greek agritourism and showcases eumelia and our activities. The article by Paulina Bjork Kapsalis transports the readers to our farm:

“Situated in an ancient olive grove near the village of Gouves, in the Peloponnese, Frangiskos Karelas’ organic farm produces mainly olive oil and wine. In the autumn, guests are welcome to help with the harvest. You can also take part in an olive oil tasting or learn how to make olive oil soap. But there is more to be discovered here as well. Knowing the risks of monocultures, Karelas planted grape vines and almond, pine and cypress trees in the olive grove. During your stay, you‘ll learn all about why this is the best way to approach organic farming. You can also help feed the animals (Greek black pigs, goats, sheep and poultry), plant vegetables, and do much more. When you need a break from farm work, you can take a cooking class or request a tasting of natural Greek wines led by sommelier Marilena Karadima. The five guesthouses……. feature modern interior design, yet they blend in perfectly to their surroundings. Decorated with wood and natural stucco, they’re named for the trees and plants that grow in the area.” full article

Olive Oil Immersion 5 day Experience

Immerse yourself in the amazing world of liquid gold “olive oil”. Live in an ancient olive grove with perennial trees more than 2000 years old. Pick olives and learn how olive oil is made. Cook with the healthiest oil there is and make natural soap with it. Learn the great qualities and history of this nutritious oil. Touch, smell, taste, and cook in one holistic experience that will forever make you fall in love with olive oil.

Travel & Leisure Magazine: eumelia one of 50 best places to travel in 2018

Travel & Leisure Magazine names eumelia as one of 50 best places to travel in 2018

This is what the magazine said about eumelia “Farming is still integral to the region, and agritourism resorts like Eumelia constantly refresh their food and wellness-themed workshops, in addition to serving local dishes like maniatiki pasta with dry mizithra cheese, and moustokouloura, or cookies made with grape molasses.”

Eumelia Wins Food & Wine Hotel Award 2017

Eumelia is one of the honorees to receive the 2017 Food & Wine Hotel Award by the prestigious Food & Wine Magazine.

This is what the magazine said about us “The Island Idyll, An orchard of 1,000 olive trees, lush plots of organic lettuces, stucco guesthouses with geothermal heating and housemade olive oil bath products—this Peloponnese retreat is as green as it is quintessentially Greek, with eco-credentials matching its next-level comforts. Learn to cook pita and gogges, a beloved local pasta; or just savor the chef’s herb-filled grape leaves and spinach pies with peppery Sfela cheese.”

Eumelia’s Olive Oil Bottle Wins the EVGE 2017 Design Award

The packaging and branding of our extra virgin organic olive oil wins the graphic design award ΕΒΓΕ 2017 in the category olive oil bottle. You can find our organic olive oil in the US at our online store and for Greece and the rest of the world you can place your order at