featured in the EUandMe campaign video

eumelia featured in the EUandMe campaign video - eumelia organic extra virgin olive oil 1 L bottle

The Greek video for the European Union #EUandMe campaign was shot on location at eumelia, Geraki (Laconia), and Kosmas (Arcadia). The videos showcase the benefits of living in the European Union and each national video concentrates on different topics. They are part of the #EUandMe campaign for the upcoming European Union elections. The Greek video promotes Agritourism, Exports Across Europe, Protected Regional Olive Oil, Local Short Supply Chain, Recycling, Safe Organic Food. eumelia featured in the EUandMe campaign video and broadcasted across Europe.

“We all have things that we’re passionate about: from training to traveling, surfing the internet to saving the world. Living in the European Union provides endless opportunities to do what you love – wherever that may lead. EU legislation and initiatives can help unlock your potential and ignite your inspiration, giving you the tools to pursue your passion. Want to expand your horizons? Well, it all comes down to EU and me.” view the EU campaign

eumelia, our organic olive oil and the nearby villages of Geraki and Kosmas in the #EUandMe video