eumelia community helps to go off the grid

our crowdfunding campaign to go off the grid



we miss our global eumelia community and over the past months it has become even more evident what our physical & mental connection with you means to us. eumelia was started by me, Frangiskos, more than 17 years ago and joined by Marilena 7 years ago and now our two little boys. It was always intended to be part of the dialogue of what we want this world to be. Always with a vision but always pragmatic, taking small or big steps along the way. Creating an organic farm with a regenerative foundation using biodynamic & permaculture tools. Hotel facilities to receive guests, sharing our love for sustainable and organic food, farm to table gastronomy, olive oil and natural wines. Every step we made was always committed to protecting the environment using technologies such as geothermal heating, natural waste management system, solar water heating, using natural cleaning material, natural bedding material, recycling, zero food waste and composting. But always at the center stage was our holy exchange of ideas, of sharing food, protecting the environment and creating human links with a vision for a future worth being proud leaving to our children.

we are now taking one of our biggest steps to protect our planet, become more sustainable and to safeguard eumelia’s viability by raising solar panels, a renewable source of energy production to create the electricity we need to continue with our vision. We cannot do this without you, the truth is what we have accomplished so far is because of our strong vision and determination but most of all because of you, our guests, friends, supporters and volunteers from around the world. You are our community and we turn to you for support, to create and implement our off the grid effort. Off the grid for us means that eumelia’s viability and the vision behind her is protected from rising prices, grid instability, government and private interventions. This will alleviate one of our biggest uncertainties and help secure eumelia’s role and vision in a complex and ever changing world.

The purpose of the perks is to have the opportunity to share eumelia with you and to meet you in person so we can thank you for your support.  Take an online tour of eumelia, have an olive oil tasting, stay at our regenerative farm and enjoy activities or even get the help you need to create your dream sustainable project. Thank you, thank you!  Next stop energy independence!